Don't give your Cat These Six "Human Foods"

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Cats are a part of our family. We often want them to feed human food. But we must remember that the digestive system of a cat is different and there are some foods which cats can't digest. Here are 6 foods which you shouldn't give to your cat:

1. Alcohol

Just like humans, cats also have the ability to get drunk. However, that is not good for their health. An adult cat can reach the coma even if it consumes just 1 teaspoon of alcohol. And if they consume more than that, then it can also lead to death. In the market, you will find several cat safe wine alternatives which are non-alcoholic. You should buy one of those if your cat has a habit of dipping its paws in the wine.

2. Leeks, Chives, Garlic, and Onions

You should keep your cat away from all those plants belonging to the onion family. It can result in anemia. An accidental bite of the onion is okay. However, if you notice that the cat is vomiting or is showing signs of laziness, then you should immediately go the vet. And in case you are feeding baby food to your cat, then make sure that the baby food doesn't contain onion. Make sure to read the "Ingredient Table" before feeding you cat.

3. Raisins or Grapes

For humans, grapes are one of the most delicious fruits. However, for cats, they can be extremely harmful. Consumption of raisins or grapes even in small quantities can result in kidney failure for cats. The reason why grapes cause kidney failure is not yet known. However, you shouldn't take any risks and make sure your cat is not able to access the grapes or raisins stored in your kitchen.

4. Caffeine

We humans need a cup of coffee to increase our energy levels. However, cats don't need caffeine to boost their energy. All they need is a quick nap. One or two cups of coffee won't cause any harm. However, if consumed in excessive quantities, then it can result in diarrhea and vomiting. Caffeine is not good for the nervous system of the cat. Energy drinks also contain a lot of caffeine. Hence, make sure that your cat doesn't drink those as well.


5. Milk

You should remember that milk is only for the young cats. For adult cats, milk can result in diarrhea and may upset their digestive system. Once thay pass the " Kitten" phase, their digestive system becomes intolerant to the lactose which is found in cow's milk. And in the case of dairy products like cheese or yogurt, you will first have to notice whether you cat is able to digest them or not. If there are no issues, then you can occasionally give them small quantities of cheese.

6. Tuna


Tuna can be given occasionally to your cat. However, make sure that you don't overdo it. Canned tuna can be very harmful. It can result in thiamine deficiency and in malnutrition. It can also result in a very painful condition which is known as steatitis. It is a condition where the fat of the body gets inflamed and results in serious pain. This generally happens if tuna is fed on a regular basis.

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